Strategic Arc


Strategic Arc is a niche consultancy that works with commissioners, providers, service users and intermediaries to improve the range and quality of social care, housing and health services.

We bring a different and fresh perspective to our clients as a result of our knowledge, skills and experience and we pride ourselves on never accepting commissions that are better delivered by others.

We can offer you:

  • intelligent analysis of your issues 
  • options appraisals
  • the development of business cases and financial analyses
  • scheme development and marketing advice
  • needs analyses and commissioning strategies
  • personal development and coaching

It is essential that we only ever help to create services and products that we are also proud of and would pass our own 'family and friends' test. We will never:

  • use endless jargon in the hope that it impresses you
  • pretend that things are more complicated than they really are
  • talk when we should be listening
  • compliment and flatter you when we should be challenging you
  • belittle others in the hope that it makes us look better
  • drag out a commission longer than it really needs
  • borrow your watch to tell you the time*

Consultants often provide a menu of their services. That can work if your issue or challenge is also standard and if yesterday's solution can deal with todays issue - but life doesn't usually happen like that. 

We believe that you can look at who we are, what we've done and what we are working on and judge for yourselves whether we can bring something of use to you

You're different and so are we.

*A common criticism of consultants is that they get you and your staff to tell them the answers and then charge you for the privilege of summarising it back to you